Our Favorite Pet Products of 2023

DFW Pet Sitting Holiday Celebration Recap We recently kicked off a pet-tacular holiday celebration that was a blast! We have some adorable pet photos to share, as well as some top-notch product picks. Let’s dive in! We asked our clients and pet sitters to share their fur-babies’ holiday snaps and their favorite products, and wow,ContinueContinue reading “Our Favorite Pet Products of 2023”

March Pet Sitter Recognition

Celebrate Professional Pet Sitters Week with us! Would you like DFW Pet Sitting to pay for your pet sitter’s lunch this month? Here is your opportunity to accumulate points that convert into real dollars on their next paycheck. We wanted to give you MANY opportunities to do that, but of course, you don’t have toContinueContinue reading “March Pet Sitter Recognition”

Kind words about pet sitters – Voting Contest

So many loving and kind words about pet sitters! I’ve asked my pet sitting clients and employees to tell me a heart-warming story about a pet sitter they’ve had… And I couldn’t hold back a smile reading what you guys wrote. Thank you again for sharing your special moments with us!! ❤️ Please vote inContinueContinue reading “Kind words about pet sitters – Voting Contest”

Amazing Employees of DFW Pet Sitting – Voting Contest

Amazing Employees of DFW Pet Sitting and Pets They Love! So I’ve asked my pet sitting employees to pick a pet they love and tell us a story. The biggest complaint I got was that it’s SO HARD to pick just one!! I guess I’ll have to do these fun games more often! That trulyContinueContinue reading “Amazing Employees of DFW Pet Sitting – Voting Contest”

November pet sitting contest!

Greetings to all the amazing pet lovers, the amazing employees of DFW Pet Sitting!! ❤️ Happy November! Here we are, almost at the beginning of the wonderful holiday season. My favorite time of the year! Hoping this contest will brighten up your and everyone’s winter!! So with my creative juices unleashed, I came up withContinueContinue reading “November pet sitting contest!”

Celebrating 15 years of professional pet sitting in Dallas Fort Worth!

Happy Birthday, DFW Pet Sitting! 15 years is what it takes to build the best team for pet sitting in Dallas Fort Worth. 15 years is how long it takes to meet the most amazing pet owners. Today, DFW Pet Sitting is lucky to look back and realize that it’s been 15 wonderful years doingContinueContinue reading “Celebrating 15 years of professional pet sitting in Dallas Fort Worth!”

Winners of Our Latest Pet Sitting Contest

I swear we have the best pet sitting company in the world.  Our customers and employees are the ones who make it amazing. Our pet sitting contests are now becoming a regular occurrence these days.  We are a business of living and breathing creatures, both two legged and four-legged ones.  This time around, we askedContinueContinue reading “Winners of Our Latest Pet Sitting Contest”

Thankful For Being Your Pet Sitter – DFW Pet Sitting

Being someone’s pet sitter is probably the most rewarding job ever. We started a little simple contest “Please tell me things that you are grateful for about your pets”.   I thought people would share a sentence or two with their pet sitter… I certainly underestimated how much I would learn from you.  You’ve sent meContinueContinue reading “Thankful For Being Your Pet Sitter – DFW Pet Sitting”

Amazing Cat Paprika Wins Everyone’s Heart

There is never a dull moment at DFW Pet Sitting Services!!  When things slow down before busy summer gets here, we tend to stir it up and have some fun with it!!  We recently gave away two $200 dog/cat sitting gift certificates asking our clients to answer this question: If you had 30 seconds where your catContinueContinue reading “Amazing Cat Paprika Wins Everyone’s Heart”